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Pearl Necklaces
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Handcrafted Baroque Pearl and Calcite Beaded Necklace Aqua Glow NO71212772
Details Baroque pearls find a complement in iridescent beads. White cultured pearls..
$95.50 $46.54
Pearl and garnet strand necklace Pure Love NO14754212
Details Pearl's pristine purity meets garnet's passion in a design that evokes pure..
$139.03 $92.26
Fair Trade Pearl Aventurine and Chalcedony Necklace Lucky Green NO81344771
Details The verdant palette of this necklace welcomes the iridescent presence of wh..
$112.63 $64.78
Sterling Silver YNecklace with Five Pearls Glowing Quintet NO37885217
Details A glowing quintet of cultured pearls forms the marvelous pendant of this lu..
$116.93 $80.77
Thai Floral Handcrafted Necklace with White Cultured Pearls Jasmine Trio NO38141125
Details Lavish and lovely, cultured pearls encircle the neck and cluster in a trio ..
$72.10 $38.94
Heart Jewelry Handcrafted Sterling Silver Necklace Wild Love NO36476545
Details Kadek Hendra celebrates romance with the lovely design of this necklace. He..
$154.54 $104.55
Sterling Silver and Natural Turquoise Necklace Wishes NO27731436
Details Guillermo Arregui designs a luminous choker of arresting beauty. It is hand..
$173.80 $144.14
Multi Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklace Chakra Jewelry Harmony Within NO76447131
Details Glistening gemstones align with chakra energies on the basis of their color..
$106.14 $48.70
Sterling Silver Y Necklace with a White Cultured Mabe Pearl Moonbeam NO78518325
Details Centered by a silver-white pearl, this lovely necklace evokes moonbeams. Tw..
$116.27 $76.06
Taxco Cultured Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace from Mexico Saint Patrick\'s Love NO63644764
Details Inspired by Saint Patrick, Mexican artisan Oscar Figueroa Escorcia designs ..
$67.08 $32.31
950 Silver Cultured Pearl Pendant Choker from Mexico Curvy Beauty NO88873861
Details Alon Diller has always appreciated the beauty of contemporary artwork. He p..
$97.47 $56.07
Pearl and jasper strand necklace Ocean\'s Gift NO87635574
Details By Srimuang, this charming necklace features two strands of white pearls. G..
$121.63 $72.72
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