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Red Jewelry Box with Golden Stars and 4 Compartments Floral Gold in Brown NO16562561
Details Florid stars in gold over brown, some in gold foil, bathe this jewelry box ..
$81.85 $30.89
Floral Wood Jewelry Box Tree of Love NO48343448
Details Wild beauty grows strong with every branch and flower of a mysterious tree,..
$106.62 $60.24
Artisan Crafted Brass Jewelry Box Elephant Greeting NO66543633
Details Flowers surround two elephants who trumpet a greeting on a sumptuous coffer..
$106.76 $64.34
Kente Cloth Motif Cotton Jewelry Box from Ghana Kente Treasure NO57611858
Details Printed with traditional kente cloth motifs, colorful cotton decorates the ..
$84.50 $44.14
Lacquered Wood Jewelry Box Rama\'s Chariot NO35311485
Details Racing through the forest, Rama's royal chariot is a splendid sight. Nantan..
$103.19 $70.95
Wood jewelry box Medallion NO23118842
Details Bouquets of miniscule flowers gracefully pose on this jewelry box, carved w..
$109.80 $50.61
Handcrafted Leather Jewelry Box African Diamond NO25244746
Details A bold diamond encloses traditional West African design motifs. Depicted in..
$79.88 $46.71
Artisan Made Sculptural Hands Balinese Wood Jewelry Holder Graceful Hands NO38162888
Details Two helping hands gracefully open to receive your rings and bracelets. The ..
$88.58 $48.03
Red Parang Motif Handcrafted Wood Batik Jewelry Box Scarlet Scrolls NO85878673
Details This wood batik jewelry box features a red background with a motif of elong..
$114.66 $61.44
HandCarved Wood Lotus Kawung Jewelry Box Lined in Velvet Kawung Simplicity NO64471565
Details Wayan Rendah designs a jewelry box of regal beauty, which he carves by hand..
$104.63 $72.62
Floral Wood Jewelry Box Florid Cameo NO56858736
Details Bouquets of miniscule flowers gracefully pose on the smooth surface of this..
$98.71 $53.14
Blue Black Hand Painted Cristo Redentor Box 10 Inches Azure Christ the Redeemer NO67147751
Details A galaxy of azure stars surrounds Rio's Christ the Redeemer in an original ..
$77.24 $40.11
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