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Silver Earrings
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Cultured Pearl Spiral Motif Dangle Earrings from Bali Rising Swirls NO15466726
Details Sterling silver is handcrafted into drop shapes that grace the ears. Accent..
$58.86 $19.01
Sterling Silver Reconstituted Turquoise Dangle Earrings Peru Sky Blue Hearts NO37265862
Details Heart-shaped pieces of reconstituted turquoise bring the beauty of the blue..
$80.01 $40.30
Rhodium Plated Chrysocolla Dangle Earrings from Thailand Peaceful Rain NO86273653
Details Set in rhodium-plated sterling silver bezels, drop-shaped chrysocolla stone..
$92.86 $56.03
Round Rose Quartz Dangle Earrings Crafted in Thailand Ring Shimmer NO58163535
Details Below shimmering rings of sterling silver, two rose quartz orbs display nat..
$78.71 $19.63
Sterling Silver Cat Earrings Filigree Kitten NO72883172
Details Crafted by hand, filigree kittens come to life as earrings by Pichaya. She ..
$53.15 $24.19
Blue Topaz and Silver 950 Earrings Taxco Jewelry Blue Skies NO47785127
Details The fabulous design of these earrings is by Alon Diller in Taxco, renowned ..
$104.15 $56.47
HeartShaped Garnet and Horn Dangle Earrings from Bali Dark Passion NO16231286
Details Framed by intricate designs in sterling silver, two passionate hearts are h..
$73.74 $38.94
Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings with Garnet Rustic Modern NO87653678
Details Khun Boom strikes a perfect balance between rustic and modern elegance with..
$62.79 $25.32
Bamboo Pattern Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings from Bali Bamboo Wreaths NO34357375
Details Crafted from sterling silver, bamboo stalks form elegant wreaths. Rosalia T..
$76.30 $28.22
Sterling Silver and Lava Stone Fan Earrings from Bali Bali Fans NO25216254
Details Rupadana designs an elegant pair of dangle earrings from Bali. Working with..
$76.46 $21.59
Contemporary Obsidian Earrings in Taxco 950 Silver Night\'s Edge NO76662825
Details Embracing a teardrop of black obsidian, polished silver is radiant. Alon Di..
$108.30 $79.14
Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Lavender Jade Dangle Earrings Lavender Tear NO17488835
Details Polished teardrops of natural jade are crowned by silver hemispheres. Zandr..
$78.22 $34.33
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