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Cuff Bracelets
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Leather cuff bracelet Annula in Orange NO32766146
Details Ila Suleyman designs a bold cuff for today's woman. He crafts the bracelet ..
$58.57 $28.77
Gold Accent Balinese Silver Bracelet Sweetheart NO83548518
Details Sterling tendrils form hearts on a bracelet replete with Balinese artistry...
$88.36 $46.45
5.5Carat Trillion Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet from Bali Amazing Bali NO73778863
Details Totaling 5.5 carats, two gemstones of faceted blue topaz decorate the ends ..
$119.30 $72.12
Hand Crafted Hill Tribe Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Karen Kisses NO65572233
Details Crafted by hand, this bracelet reveals the artistry of Thailand's Karen hil..
$112.89 $84.58
Unisex Sterling Silver Eagle Cuff Bracelet from Indonesia Magnificent Eagle NO86441711
Details A magnificent eagle head rests at one end of this striking cuff bracelet fr..
$232.53 $204.26
Karen Sterling Silver Inscribed Cuff Bracelet Thailand Sterling Hope NO36287453
Details Featuring the inscription "Hope" on the inside, this sterling silver cuff b..
$126.77 $70.45
Floral Stamped Twisted Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With a Twist NO12558211
Details This chunky cuff from Pakaon Sojintarit in Thailand features two strands of..
$133.13 $88.70
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Wakatobi Wave NO24346314
Details Diah Arini designs a bracelet of ultra modern elegance creating the illusio..
$135.93 $94.61
Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet from Bali Petal Temple NO77455553
Details Presented by Wayan Asmana, this gorgeous cuff bracelet from Bali is handcra..
$123.13 $72.23
Speckled Leather Cuff Bracelet in OrangeBeige from Thailand OrangeBeige Speckles NO56735386
Details Thai artisan Chang designs a fabulous cuff bracelet, which is crafted by ha..
$88.58 $51.84
Unique Modern Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Flowing Fusion NO51455233
Details Spiraling shields that are slightly concave fuse into a bracelet of powerfu..
$120.62 $87.09
Sterling Silver Leather Cuff Bracelet in Black Indonesia Bali Dream NO53463542
Details Agung Jagra comes from a family of Indonesian artisans, proud to realize hi..
$70.61 $40.73
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